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Beef Cuts

These are basic sections from which steaks and other subdivisions are cut of the beef

Beef Head Meat

Weight approx. 20–22 kg per block. On your demand we pack the block into boxes

Beef Lips

Fresh or Frozenm, Beef lips are especially firm so they hold out longer against hearty chewers.

Beef Mask

Dried beef scalp is lasting chewing enjoyment and essential for feeding pets.

Beef Throats

beef gullet, low in fat and suitable for dogs sensitive to certain foods. Premium quality.

Beef Trim

Serious beef lovers cherish these extraordinarily juicy chunks of meat for both richness and great value.

Boneless Beef

Always fresh, not frozen Natural Angus or Prime grade beef that is rich and will melt in your mouth

Cow Leg

Quality fresh frozen chilled cow leg also known as hocks cut & prepared to specification.

Cassava fish

Known as Pseudotolithus, is a genus of croaker or bar, ray-finned fish in the family Sciaenidae

Red Fish

Redfish or commonly known as the Red Drum or spottail is available frozen & Fresh.


All types of salmon are available in one of three product forms: fresh, frozen or canned


Tilapia is a firm, white fish. Best if cooked as the whole fish, these are great for pan frying.

Lamb Flaps

Lamb Flaps at FrancoPat Food are of the best quality you can find in the Ghanian Market

Lamb Head

Acclaimed as a rare and fine delicacy internationally, we are proud to offer Primal lamb’s head.

Lamb Ribs

The Lamb Rib is a tradition all its own, with a distinct succulent flavor that will have you savoring every bite!

Sheep Tripe

Natural, cleaned and dried tripe – for a healthy snack between meals.

Frozen Potatoe Chips

You need not peel fresh potatoes every time while you can get frozen potato chips at Francopat.

Broiler Thigh

We are engaged in making available high quality Francopat Frozen Broiler Thigh in the market.

Chicken Back

Size : 35-50 grammes per piece (Average weight per piece of chicken feet)

Full Hen

Hen raised on an all-natural, seed-based diet without hormones or antibiotics from local farms

Hen Back

A well packed containing frozen Hen backs (meat and bone) available at Francopat

Hen Wings

Our Hen wings are locally grown to be 100% natural without added hormones.

Layer Thigh

These premium chicken thighs are a great value for catering, restaurants and outdoors grilling family parties.